Integrations Overview

Integrating TurboDocx with your Tooling

Integrating TurboDocx with your existing tooling offers a range of benefits, enhancing your document generation workflow and enabling seamless collaboration across multiple platforms. TurboDocx provides multiple integration options to ensure compatibility with your preferred tools, empowering you to leverage its capabilities within your existing ecosystem. Currently, TurboDocx supports storage integration and Single Sign-On (SSO) integration with various providers. Additionally, for enterprise customers, TurboDocx is open to building additional integrations upon request, tailoring the platform to meet specific business needs. By seamlessly integrating TurboDocx with your tooling, you can optimize your document generation process and leverage the platform's features in a way that aligns perfectly with your organization's requirements.

Storage Integrations

Google Drive

TurboDocx offers seamless integration with Google Drive, allowing you to leverage the power of cloud storage for your document generation needs. With TurboDocx's Google Drive integration, you can easily access, store, and manage your templates and generated documents directly within your Google Drive environment. The Google Drive integration in TurboDocx is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. It comes pre-configured, requiring no additional setup or configuration on your end. This means you can quickly start using the integration as soon as you have a TurboDocx Teams plan, saving you time and effort.

Google Drive Integration for Document and Slide Deck Templating

SharePoint & OneDrive for Business

TurboDocx offers seamless integration with SharePoint, providing you with powerful document management capabilities within your SharePoint environment. With TurboDocx's SharePoint integration, you can efficiently store, organize, and collaborate on your templates and generated documents directly within SharePoint. By integrating TurboDocx with SharePoint, you can establish SharePoint libraries as a centralized repository for your templates and generated documents. This consolidation simplifies document management, improves organization-wide access, and ensures consistency in document storage and retrieval. To leverage the SharePoint integration, a TurboDocx Teams plan is required. The Teams plan provides access to advanced features and integrations, including SharePoint, allowing you to enhance your document generation workflow. To configure SharePoint, please follow the instructions found here.

SharePoint & OneDrive Integration for Document and Slide Deck Templating

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