A Complete Guide to Document Automation

April 26th, 2024

Document automation (also known as document generation or document assembly) is a process that enables users to streamline document workflows.

Organizations can use document automation to create and send essential documents to stakeholders faster, improve business efficiencies, and scale productivity.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide on what document automation is, why modern businesses need this powerful solution, and how you can use TurboDocx’s document automation and templating platform to enhance business operations.

What Does Document Automation Look Like?

Document automation involves using automation to consolidate and compile data from different sources to create a new, usable document. The documents can include contracts, proposals, statements of work, runbacks, onboarding materials, and more.

Here are the general components of document automation software and solutions.

Document Templating

The first step to document automation involves creating templates for documents your business frequently uses, from master service agreements (MSPs) to term sheets. You can build your own templates, or select pre-existing ones. The automation technology will insert the right text, paragraphs, images, and more into the appropriate section of the document.

Document Generation

Once the templates are stored onto the platform, the automation software will fill out the necessary information to complete each document. Users can review, edit, and personalize the initial draft of the document as needed. This ability streamlines processes and helps organizations produce new documents at scale.

Document Management

Users can store all of their documents on document automation systems. These solutions also come with other features, like third-party integrations with data sources, file conversion capabilities, and team collaboration tools. Your organization will be able to reduce the friction of document workflows end-to-end with document automation solutions.

Why Your Business Needs Document Automation

Document automation can bring numerous benefits for your business operations for any and all teams. Here's what you can expereince in your organization.

Efficient Document Workflows

Document automation can help your business save time on document creation. Instead of manually copying-and-pasting information from various sources into a new template, you'll be able to automate this process. Document automation solutions include integrations with major third-party data sources, like Salesforce, to help users pull all of the information they need into one place, making document creation a painless process.

Error Reduction

Automating tedious tasks will also minimize the risk of human error. With automation, teams will be able to deliver more accurate and reliable deliverables faster than ever. Document automation will not only minimize document turnaround times, it can also help teams ensure they never miss another deadline.

Standardized Branding

Automating the document creation process with templates will ensure the consistency of your team's documents to stakeholders. As the quality and style of documents reflects brand values, you'll be able to build recognition and establish trust and professionalism with consistent documents.

High-Quality Production at Scale

With document automation, you’ll be able to scale high-quality document creation and sharing for all major stakeholders. By automating repetitive tasks, you can ensure quality, consistency, and reliability in your processes. This ability will help your team stay ahead of deadlines and complete deals faster so you can focus more time on other high-growth priorities.

Enhanced Client Relationships

Respond to client needs more quickly with document automation. By sending high-quality documents like contracts, proposals, or legal documents in a timely manner, you’ll be able to build trust and maintain your professional reqputation with clients.

How Different Teams and Industries Can Use Document Automation

Document automation can be used in any industry from law firms to healthcare services. Industries that depend on accuracy, reliability, and compliance can utilize document automation to reduce risk and maximize operational workflows.

Various teams within specific industries can also take advantage of document automation to enhance productivity. From IT teams, legal teams, sales teams, and more, users will be able to generate whatever documents they need more efficiently.

What Features to Look for in Document Automation Software

When trying to choose the right document automation solution for your business, evaluate your organization's needs. Narrowing down on your business' use cases will help you figure out the best solution for your business.

For example, consider features, such as template customization options, what integrations are available, ease of use, pricing options, and more. Choosing a solution based on features that fit your organization’s needs will help you choose the right document automation solution.

Automate Documents with TurboDocx

Document automation is essential for modern businesses looking to optimize and scale their operations. By understanding the benefits of document automation, you'll be able to choose the right solution for your organization, streamline document workflows, and open up new growth opportunities.

Take the first step toward transforming your business with document automation by trying TurboDocx for free. Or, if your business has specific needs, schedule a personalized demo of TurboDocx today.


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